Beginners Intensive Class

Day & Time

These courses run on various weekends throughout the year, and involve 2 hours on a Friday evening, and then 2 hours on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. The next available course is the 17 – 19 March 2017.

The course starts at 7pm on Friday. Saturday and Sunday run from 8:00 to 10:00am (but can be adjusted if required after discussing with the class on Friday night). If you would like to know more please click below.

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Class Description

This beginners program is for people who’ve never done yoga, or who feel that they’d like to understand more about the basics of Yoga (am I doing this posture correctly, how do I breathe, how can I adjust….etc.), and will give a basic background to all of the foundations of yoga, enabling you to go to any class and know how to get the best for you from that class – regardless of what style or level the class is.


We provide organic cotton bolsters and blankets. There are also yoga mats, however if you have your own, please bring them along.
Wear comfortable loose clothing that allows for freedom of movement.

Injuries/Medical Conditions

Please ensure that you inform your teacher prior to any class of any medical condition or injury that may impact your yoga practice. Refer to the signup sheet for further details.